Guindance automation toolkit and extensions for Vs 2008 and Vs 2005

Jan 9, 2008 at 2:21 PM

We have extended SCSF to tailor to our needs and have created our own UI framework on top of SCSF. Our framework currently supports the following.
1. GuidanceAutomationExtensions_Apr2007.msi

It is known that GAX apr2007 supports only VS2005. Now we are planning to move all our UI applications built on top of our framework to VS2008. This implies that the framework also needs to be migrated to VS2008. I want to know the following.

1. The version of GAX(Guidance automation extensions) and GAT(Guidance Autotmation Toolkit) that i need to use which can coexist in VS2005 and VS 2008. Currently i see that the GAX July 2007 for vs2005 and vs2008 is a CTP release which may not be suitable. Also it has lot of problems, which needs to be fixed using a patch.
2. Are there any tools available that can migrate all existing VS2005(.NET 2.0) code to Vs2008(.NET 3.5)

I appreaciate your advice on the above. Thanks in advance

Jan 15, 2008 at 5:05 AM

While trying to install Guidance automation extensions JULY 2007 CTP it displays two options. Install for VS2005 or for VS2008 codenamed ORCAS. My questions are

1. Does this mean that I can never use projects already created using VS2005 anymore if I install GAX for VS2008 codenames ORCAS? If the answer is YES, what else can i do to run my previous projects created using VS2005.
2. Next, I have installed VS2008 RTM licenced version. But the option says VS2005 or Vs2008 for ORCAS. Does this mean i cannot use this JULY 2007 CTP for VS2008 RTM release?