Patch on VS 2008

Jan 27, 2008 at 1:58 PM
This is an odd one, I have been running VS 2008 pro since it was released- worked great... until This weekend I was working with the Video.Show project and things got real buggy. I tried to create a new website and it failed. I started looking around and after several hours of checking I found a working copy of an old Orcas release on my box that didn't show up in the Programs list, just in the Start menu. I ran the patch and voila, all is good-except I now have orcas and 2008 working fine on the same box. Uninstall doesn't work so I'm going to ignore it for now and try to get some work done on my streaming video project- I just wanted to say thanks for the tool that seemed to work for a problem that wasn't intended. cheers, danny