Guidance automation july2007CTP

Jan 28, 2008 at 1:28 PM

I have installed GAT and GAX july 2007 CTP for Vs2008. I have created a sample guidance package and it works perfectly in VS2008. Now i copied the msi package that gets created when i build the Sample Guidance package that i created to a new system.

In the new system, i installed GAX alone since this alone is required to run guidances. Firstly, i installed GAX for vs2008 and then i installed the msi that i copied earlier. THis worked fine.

Next i uninstalled the msi and GAX. I reinstalled GAX for VS2005 this time. Then i tried reinstalling the sample msi that i copied. But now it doesnt work as i am installing it for vs2005. Does this mean that i can only install guidance solutions that i create in vs2008 only for vs2008 and guidance solutions created in vs2005 only in vs2005?

Isnt it too much of a work for a developer of a guidance package to create individual msi packages for both?